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"Me and My Place in Space" is a great addition to my library. This book makes something so abstract ever so interesting for little ones. Although there isn't really a story to this book, it begins with a little girl who looks out her window at the moon. From there, her imagination transports her and her cat into outer space. Dressed like astronauts (yes, even the cat), they travel from planet to planet giving us one or two small facts on each one. At the end she is back in her room, drawing pictures of the solar system, and her place in space - Earth.


 The child-like drawings are attractive to children. The book is complete with a list of "Words to Learn about space" as well as several proposed activities, some of which can be applied to younger children.


I practically could not get this book out of my 3 year old's hands. She kept on turning the pages over and over again. Every time she saw a blue and green planet she would say "We live there.", and for some reason, she just loves Saturn!


Reading this book reminds us of the grandness of our universe. Page by page, this book triggers amazement in little minds!


Title: Me and My Place in Space

Author: Joan Sweeney
ISBN: 0-517-88590-5


Patricia-Ann Morrison
Childhood Educator



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