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Book suggestion theme: Back to shool

Going back to school triggers a wide range of emotions for everyone, big and small. For little ones starting school or attending a new daycare there is excitement, anxiety, curiousness, fear, and pride in the air. A great book to help children look forward to change is, "Tom Goes to Kindergarten".


This is the story of a young panda who doesn't want his parents to leave him on the first day of kindergarten. His panda parents reluctantly stay with him the first day but they end up having so much fun at school, they are disappointed when their little one no longer requires their presence the next day.


There is a beautiful message for adults within the pages of this book. The panda parents are so busy going about their daily tasks they have no time to play with their little one. Attending kindergarten helps the family remember the joy of playing together.


A gentle reminder for caregivers and parents to set aside time to play, act silly, and pretend. These are all so important for children and they set the stage for growth and happiness!


Title: Tom Goes to Kindergarten
Authors: Margaret Wild and David Legge
ISBN: 0-439-29162-3


Patricia-Ann Morrison
Childhood Educator



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