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Book suggestion theme: Sharing

There is something very special about sharing a book with children. Although all Dora the Explorer books are usually popular with little ones, girls and boys alike, there is one book in particular from the collection which I enjoy. The title of the book is, "It's Sharing Day!" Of course, the title alone makes it perfect for our current theme but I love the way its sharing message is portrayed.


As Dora prepares for a very special lunch in honour of Sharing Day, her friends' help along the way makes the lunch complete. Each time one of her friends shares with her, she invites them to join her for lunch in return. Since everyone brings a special treat, a little bit of sharing goes a long way and Dora and her friends end up sharing quite a feast!


At the end of the story, ask your group what each of Dora's friends shared. Point out that toys are not the only thing we can share. Ask children what type of food they would bring for a Sharing Day lunch. You may even organize your own Sharing Day lunch in your kitchen area. Have each child select a plastic food item.


Dora the Explorer fans will recognize the map as well as Spanish words and numbers. This book goes beyond showing children friendship is the best thing to share!


Title: It's Sharing Day

ISBN-13: 978-0-439-92237-1
ISBN-10: 0-439-92237-2

Author: Kirsten Larsen



Patricia-Ann Morrison
Childhood Educator



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