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Book suggestion theme: Fairies

I found a cute board book for the fairy theme. Although it can be read in a matter of minutes, this book is sure to keep children busy with its five jigsaw puzzles nestled inside. Each page contains a brief rhyming text. The cheery tone and pretty illustrations introduce us to spring, summer, fall, and winter fairies. I am sure your group will enjoy hopping and skipping like the spring fairies, fluttering around like the summer fairies, dancing around the trees like the fall fairies, and sprinkling snow like the winter fairies. Whatever the season, this book is sure to please.


On the last page, we discover that the fairy queen visits the fairy garden once a year. Why not select your own fairy king or queen each day? Grant your fairy king or queen special privileges. Create a fairy garden decor with your group to celebrate this story which inspires gentleness and happiness. It is sure to make you feel light as a fairy!


Title: Fairy Garden-Jigsaw Book
Author: Louise Martin
ISBN: 1-40547-190-5



Patricia-Ann Morrison
Childhood Educator



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