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Book suggestion theme: Robots

I have selected a book which led to maternal bliss when I read it to my youngest daughter. My daughter is a very "girly girl" as they say. Although the cover page of the book is pink it also contains an illustration of a very brown robot with a funny looking boy holding the remote control. At first glance this book is far from her typical princess books.


"Mama Robot" is the story of a little boy who wishes his mother wasn't always working or telling him to brush his teeth and clean his room. He decides to build himself a robot mom. Naturally, she is programmed to prepare only his favourite foods, never get angry, and let him stay up late. He is proud of his robot mom until he realizes she cannot hug him...


What I like most about this book is that long before the author presents the fact that a robot mom cannot possibly be as cool as a real mom, my daughter had told me several times she would never change me because she loves me too much!


Oh, and by the way, she ended up asking me to keep the brown robot book in her room. I think she enjoyed being reminded just how great her mom is.


Title: Mama Robot
Author: Davide Cali
ISBN: 978-0-88776-873-6


Patricia-Ann Morrison
Childhood Educator



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