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Book suggestion theme: Winter

I love making snowmen outdoors, snowmen crafts, snowmen cookies, and snowmen drawings so I suppose it's only natural I that I chose a snowman story for the winter theme!


Have you ever stopped to wonder if snowmen might have a secret life? This book is the story of a little boy who did. He also decided that snowmen are quite busy during the night when we are sleeping. From ice-cold cocoa to skating and let's not forget baseball and sledding too! Just think, doesn't that explain why snowmen never look quite the same from one day to the next?


I am sure this story will encourage your group to make several snowmen! Have fun the next day imagining which night-time activities they participated in...


Each page of this book has four shapes hidden in its beautiful added bonus which will make it interesting to children long after they have entered grade school!

Title: Snowmen at night
Author: Caralyn Buehner
ISBN: 0-8037-2550-7


Patricia-Ann Morrison
Childhood Educator



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