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Book suggestion theme: Valentine's Day

Title: Mouse's First Valentine
Author: Lauren Thompson
ISBN: 0-689-84724-6


As a mom and daycare worker, I have to say that Valentine's Day is just about as exciting as Christmas to me. I suppose that it is the fact that it is THE day to throw a party and make everyone, both big and small, feel especially adored.


Every year, we create valentine mailboxes and parents and children create valentines to be distributed come Valentine's Day morning. There is something magical about a small, not so perfectly cutout heart which lands in your box, made just for you. To set the mood and to spark valentine creativeness, I read "Mouse's First Valentine" to my daycare children as we begin the Valentine's Day theme. It is the story of a little mouse who secretly spies on her older sister hard at work making what turns out to be a valentine just for her.


This book reminds me of my daughters who never throw out a ribbon, bow, or piece of pretty paper. Just as the mouse in the story, they end up having everything on hand to make the most precious of valentines.


Title: Puppy Love
Author: Lisa Ann Marsoli
ISBN: 0-439-61116-4


Children understand quickly that Valentine's Day could just as well be called "I love you" day. Love, even for adults, is difficult to explain. One of my favorite Valentine's Day books is "Puppy Love" from the "Clifford's Puppy Days" collection. In this book Clifford hears the words "I love...." over and over again in many different ways. As I read the story, I can see my daycare children asking themselves "What is love anyways?" They seem to breathe a sigh of relief at the very end when they realize that love can be explained as simply feeling happy and safe with someone.


What better way to show our love to our children than to cuddle up with a great book - now there's a way to ensure they feel happy and safe!


Patricia-Ann Morrison

Childhood Educator



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