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Book suggestion theme: Clothing

Children are usually motivated to get dressed by themselves. Often the act itself is quite an adventure for them, and very amusing for bystanders to watch!


I have found two books to accompany little ones in their long learning process. The first one is a giant lift-and-learn book entitled "Emily's Busy Day". Emily, a little bunny, introduces several early learning concepts. The first pages display Emily's room. Children are invited to lift the flaps to find all her items of clothing. From green socks in a drawer to an orange scarf hiding under the rug, children are avid helpers for their little bunny friend! Once Emily is dressed, they can continue to explore the alphabet, numbers, opposites, and shapes too. Plenty of fun is in store for Emily and your children!


Title: Emily's Busy Day
Author: Claire Masurel
ISBN: 0-448-42609-9


The second book, "Good Morning Sam", portrays a little boy and his older sister whom several of you might already know, Stella, an adorable redhead. Children of all ages can identify with the hurdles Sam experiences while attempting to get dressed all alone. Luckily, Stella is there to help him pull off his pajama top when he thinks his head grew overnight, and their dog is there to bring him his missing sock. Sam hiding behind a bureau and in the closet will spark giggles from children and remind you that, if we simply make time for it, getting dressed can be a playful start to our day!


Title: Good Morning Sam
Author: Marie-Louise Gay
ISBN: 0-88899-528-8


Patricia-Ann Morrison
Childhood Educator



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