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Book suggestion theme: Artists

In our home, there are two things children adore...animals and drawing.


For this theme, I came across a book which won the hearts of my children in a flash. Although it is not a storybook, my youngest daughter carried it around for a week when I bought it. The title, which is self-explanatory, is I can draw animals. Never before have I seen a step by step book showing how to draw animals all children love which was conceived for very young children. It really makes drawing beautiful flamingos and horses easy (even for me!). No need for fancy pencils; just basic waxed crayons and markers are the tools of choice.


With Easter just around the corner, you can use the rabbit page to show your group how to draw the cutest Easter Bunny ever! They will be so proud of themselves!


The book presents sixteen different animals. It is a great art lesson for every animal lover. There may not be a story to read here, however, while you are busy admiring each of the animals, why not imitate them too? Children will appreciate moving around before a calm drawing period. Who doesn't love pretending to be a fish, a monkey, or a lion? Isn't it amazing how a book can lead to so much fun...


Title: I can draw animals
Author: Ray Gibson
ISBN: 978074602943-5


Patricia-Ann Morrison
Childhood Educator



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