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Book suggestion theme: Easter crafts

There is one inescapable Easter craft...decorating Easter eggs.


Before you present your group with paintbrushes, I suggest you read The Best Easter Eggs Ever with your group. When the Easter Bunny gets tired of painting the same old eggs every Easter, he organizes an Easter Egg Painting Contest for his little bunny helpers. The little bunnies find inspiration in the things they love and come up with beautiful ideas which are sure to inspire every bunny in your daycare.


Naturally, the Easter Bunny likes all of his helpers' designs and declares all the bunnies, winners of the contest. Easter Bunny no longer has to do all the work himself and teamwork leads to a variety of special eggs. The message is clear, everything is better when we do it together.


This book also contains a page with wonderful cloud shapes children will be pleased to recognize. It even leaves room for a different type of discussion since one of the bunnies gets lost in the woods. As a group, talk about how she may have felt and what children should do if they ever get lost.


I hope this book leads to an Easter Egg Painting Contest of your own and if you work up an appetite, why not make carrot stew for lunch just like the Easter Bunny does in the story?


Title: The Best Easter Eggs Ever
Author: Jerry Smath
ISBN: 0-439-44321-0


Patricia-Ann Morrison
Childhood Educator



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