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Book suggestion theme: Spring

Spring is the time of year when everything comes back to life and our backyards are once again filled with colour and simple pleasures. For this reason, I chose a book which is both simple and colourful, Mouse's First Spring.


A beautiful picture book with simple text, it is perfect for very young children to enjoy! No one can resist this adorable little mouse! Within the pages of the book, it makes several spring discoveries while playing outside with its mother. Each little creature appears and disappears just as quickly, keeping little eyes eager to turn the page. Each disappearance is accompanied by silly words which imitate sounds such as "squiggly squeeze" and rumply bumply". Children will have fun repeating these with you.


Why not create your own felt creatures and hide them within the daycare. Once they have found them like Little Mouse, let them play with them on a felt board.


Oh, and don't forget to let them find something "oh-so-cozy" this spring too...a hug from you!


Title: Mouse's First Spring
Author: Lauren Thompson
ISBN: 0-439-87379-7


Patricia-Ann Morrison
Childhood Educator



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