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I have a wonderful picture book in mind for this week's theme. The Napping House is another book which should be a part of everyone's book collection.


The story begins with very little colour. Everything is grey, it is raining outside, and everyone is asleep. In the napping house, there is one cozy bed. Page by page, a granny, a child, a dog, a cat, and a mouse pile onto that bed. Since each of them is given a specific adjective, children will love to complete the sentences, counting down each character which is piled on top of the cozy bed on every page. However, there is one very small, very wakeful character which, through a very silly chain of events, wakes everyone up one by one. Suddenly the book is given a bold splash of colour as everything both indoors and out comes to life!


If you are up to the silliness, you can create your own pile of sleepy heads! Have each child play the role of a different character. You can play the role of the flea which bites the cat and makes everyone jump up and dance around in the sunshine. I wonder which character will be more guess is the snoring granny!


Title: The Napping House
Author: Audrey Wood
ISBN: 0-590-97546-3



Patricia-Ann Morrison
Childhood Educator



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