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Book suggestion theme: Fish

Most of the books I purchase are in paperback form. The book I chose for this theme is one of the rare hardcover books to sit on my daughters' bookshelves and I am glad. It has been read over and over again ever since my girls were very young (it even bears teeth marks which prove that)!


The Rainbow Fish is beautifully illustrated, beautifully written, and most of all beautifully touching.


The rainbow fish is not only a colorful fish, he also has special, sparkling silver scales children will want to touch and feel. The Rainbow Fish refuses to share his beautiful scales with the other fish. For this reason, he finds himself with no friends...a very lonely fish.


When the wise octopus convinces him to share his scales, the Rainbow Fish discovers the meaning of true happiness. Is it the joy of giving, the joy of making others happy, or the joy of friendship? It's up to you and your group to decide...


Invite children to share something shiny or colorful with their daycare friends. Sparkling stickers, colorful cereal, handmade necklaces with shiny beads...just like the Rainbow Fish, they will be happy they did!


Title: The Rainbow Fish
Author: Marcus Pfister
ISBN: 1-55858-009-3


Patricia-Ann Morrison
Childhood Educator



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