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Book suggestion theme: The garden

There is no one better than children's favorite red dog to explain how much hard work and great fun planting a garden can really be. In this book Clifford is a little red puppy who just does not understand that the seeds that his owners plant in the garden must stay in the ground. Once this is explained to him he sees his garden grow, page by page. This short story will have children ready to plant a garden of their own. It may also inspire you to plant giant sunflowers. Children will love to play and relax in the shade they provide once fully grown...just like Clifford.

If you don't have the space to plant sunflowers outdoors you can always try planting them in containers indoors. Don't forget to try Allie's creative project which is a beautiful sunflower of all, you won't have to wait to see it grow!

Title: The Little Flower Seed
Author: Sarah Fisch
ISBN: 978-0-439-90899-3


Patricia-Ann Morrison
Childhood Educator


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