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Book suggestion theme: Order and disorder

I mustn't take the credit for the book selection this time around. I went to my "in-house" expert on cleanliness for suggestions, a.k.a. my youngest daughter. Within minutes, she plopped Late for School on my desk. At first, I wasn't sure if it was relevant or not. However, once we sat down to read it together I had to admit it fit the theme quite beautifully.


The story is about two best friends who are absolute opposites. One is neat and always on time, while the other is, shall we say...untidy and always late.


The illustrations make the differences between the two girls obvious. Beyond the contrasts, we see adorable examples of how friends can help one another...even it does mean being late!


Title: Late for School
Author: Scott Higgs
ISBN: 13 978-0-545-99904-5


Patricia-Ann Morrison
Childhood Educator


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