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Book suggestion theme: Family

For this theme, I have chosen a book which would be perfect for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or Father's Day themes is called Guess how much I love you. It is the story of two hares, one big and one small. Throughout the book, the two hares lovingly compete, trying to put into words just how much they love each other. The small hare's attempts to describe how great his love is are met with bigger and bolder statements. The little hare falls asleep thinking that he found the ultimate measure for his love, one which cannot be surpassed...


I don't think love can be measured. However, asking children just how much they love the members of their family leads to one very fascinating discussion. You may even want to turn it into a drawing activity. Have children draw the things they compare their love to. What a wonderful keepsake for families!


My daughter tells me her love is as big as the ocean...of course, my love for her runs across the ocean...and back!


I love you

Title: Guess how much I love you
Author: Sam MᶜBratney
ISBN: 1-56402-473-3



Patricia-Ann Morrison
Childhood Educator



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