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Book suggestion theme: Dreams

For this theme, I searched our bookshelves for a calm storybook, the kind which sets the stage for sweet dreams. I think that Little Quack's Bedtime is perfect. There is nothing like cozying up with a story about five adorable little ducklings!


The ducklings have trouble falling asleep since they are distracted by the light of the fireflies, an owl's hoot, swaying branches, and rustling reeds. Invite children to provide explanations of their own for each of the ducklings' worries. Then, turn the page to read Mama Duck's reassuring answers. You may also encourage children to count how many ducks are still awake on each page.


Your own little ducklings will fall asleep knowing that there is a reason why the night is, oh, so dark... do you know what it is?





Title: Little Quack's Bedtime
Author: Lauren Thompson
ISBN: 0-439-85619-1



Patricia-Ann Morrison

Childhood Educator



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