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Book suggestion theme: Postal services

I would like to share A Snowy Surprise with you. When I first saw it on the bookshelf, I thought it was a Christmas story. I guess we usually read it during the holidays because it is a book based on generosity.


Mrs. Bear and Sam bake cakes for all their friends and neighbours. They wrap them up and head off to deliver them to sleepy houses along their street. Mrs. Bear lets Sam deliver the tiny packages to each doorstep, all by himself!


Since you will probably make mailboxes of your own for this theme, why not bake little cakes with your group? I am sure they will be just as excited as Sam to deliver their tasty packages to their friends.


I almost forgot the best part... when Sam and Mrs. Bear return home, there are two cakes left. While they fill their bellies, they drink hot cocoa and take turns telling stories...the perfect activity for a winter morning!


A snowy surprise
Title: A Snowy Surprise
Author: Amy Hest
ISBN: 0-439-70203-8


Patricia-Ann Morrison
Childhood Educator


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