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Book suggestion theme: Easter

We all know how much fun singing She'll be coming round the mountain with a group of children can be... so just imagine how much Easter fun you can have if the song is given a special Easter twist!


That is exactly what the book Easter Bunny's On His Way! has to offer. At first, my daughter was very upset that I was singing instead of reading this book to her at bedtime. I honestly couldn't help myself. Soon, she shared my enthusiasm and sang right along. The simple, repeated text makes the song very easy to learn, even for very young children.


While they are busy singing about painting eggs, candy, and eggs all over, the Easter illustrations found on each page will inspire your group to decorate the daycare for the Easter Bunny's upcoming visit.


Easter - Bunny


Title: Easter Bunny's On His Way!
Author: Brian James
ISBN: 0-439-74530-6


Patricia-Ann Morrison
Childhood Educator



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