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Book suggestion theme: Mother's Day

My youngest daughter started kindergarten this year. She loves playing with her new friends, showing her teachers how many small words and letters she knows, and making crafts she proudly brings home for me to admire. However, there are days when she longs for quiet days at home with mom (and so do I)...


Just before she began school, I found The Kissing Hand. It's a beautiful story about a little raccoon who wishes he could stay home with his mother instead of going to school. To encourage him, his mother lets him in on a very special secret.


A Kissing Hand is really a gentle reminder that children can use whenever they need reassurance. It helps children feel loved and special when they can't be with the people they love most.


The best part is that after reading this book, children generously give Kissing Hands of their own...the perfect Mother's Day gift!


 the kissing hand


Title: The Kissing Hand
Author: Audrey Penn
ISBN: 0-590-04701-9



Patricia-Ann Morrison
Childhood Educator



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