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Book suggestion theme: Emotions

With little ones around, we are taken on regular emotional rollercoaster rides. Some are pleasant, some are more difficult, but all must be acknowledged. To do so, we must help children name their emotions. As I say to my daycare children at least one hundred times a day: "Use your words."


I feel that my first book gives them the ability to recognize which emotion they are feeling and therefore put it into words. The title is The Way I Feel. It is a board book filled with pictures so colorful that each page actually makes you "feel" the emotion the author is describing. Each emotion is written in a different font which again is ever so appropriate.


As I read this book to my daycare children I can see their faces change to match each emotion. The book is short, but the message is powerful and that makes me proud to read it!


Title: The Way I Feel
Author: Janan Cain
ISBN: 1-884734-72-3

My next book will bring a smile to even the grumpiest toddler! Based on the popular song, If You're Happy and you know it, is a fantastic sing-along book. It may however, not be the best book to read just before naptime since it is guaranteed to get them up and moving! Bright pictures of animals lead them to spinning, stomping, squeaking and jumping from beginning to end. It is the kind of book which will have children shouting hooray at the first sight of the cover page- absolute happiness!


Title: If You're Happy and you Know it
Author: Jane Cabrera
ISBN: 0-439-85643-4


Patricia-Ann Morrison
Childhood Educator





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