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Books with sounds, good or bad?

The children's literature market offers many different types of books, including books that come with different sound effects.


As early childhood educators, our goal is to find ways to attract children to books.


Books that offer sounds can be attractive to certain children, but they can also be very unattractive to others. I have even seen children throw tantrums just at the sight of this type of book.


You are in the best position to choose the type of books the little ones in your group will enjoy.


Here are a few tricks that may be useful if you wish to introduce books containing sounds:

  • Deposit books that contain sounds in a supervised area.
  • Introduce this type of books gradually and tell children each time you add a book if it contains sound effects (have a positive attitude towards this characteristic).
  • A fearful child may need you to be by his side when he/she explores a book containing sounds.
  • If a child wants to, let him explore a book with sounds in a remote corner.
  • Some books include very aggressive sounds. Choose wisely!
  • Books containing sounds should not be offered for an initial contact with books.

Enjoy discovering this type of book with your group!

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