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Printed versions and Internet versions of books

Of course, your little ones may be too young to read a book on the Internet, but in just a few years this new technology will be even more present in our lives, in their lives.


The selection of literary works available over the Internet will then be even more impressive than it is today and reading a book on the Internet will most likely be "in". As parents, which role must we play? As an early childhood educator, where do you stand?


This week, I have pondered this question a great deal. My daughter, who is 5 years old, is part of this cyber generation who has access to everything on the Web. The Web is great for many things. It is nearly indispensable for many aspects of our lives, but when it comes down to literature, I am not so sure...


Printed versions of books are especially interesting. We can take the time to find a book that is to our liking by turning the pages, looking at the illustrations. Printed books have a specific scent, they have a past. A printed book can be shared. One can write in it and it can even be dedicated to someone special. What's more, our favorite author can even write a personalized message inside its cover.


A printed book can leave its mark, a path of memories and love. Entering a bookstore is invigorating. Children will share this passion if their trips to the bookstore were joyful, loving, respectful moments that sparked their curiosity. Our searches for the perfect book have provided insight and reading has helped us evolve.


Just for a moment, imagine a book that cannot be touched, that is scentless, undedicated, and has no history. My verdict is simple: continue to promote printed versions of books and explain their importance to future generations.


Special moments spent in a reading corner or comfortably reading a book in a cozy chair will always be magical!


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