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Television could attract children to books

I am constantly searching for ways to attract children to books, to get them interested in children's literature, and to get them to devour new books.


This time around, I have a new strategy to suggest. Many, many books involving characters seen on television are available in bookstores.


In general, children love to watch television and they often have one or two favorite television shows. Why not offer them the opportunity to find their favorite characters in a book?


You could even photocopy pictures of their favorite characters and turn them into puppets that could, in turn, read books to your group.

  • Present one new book at a time (keep the surprises coming!).
  • Discuss a favorite television show and ask children if they would like to read a book involving its characters.
  • Offer "game-books" related to your group's favorite television shows.

So there you have it...yet another way to attract children to books!


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