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A vacation for our books

Can books really need a vacation? Yes and no. In fact, books don't really need a vacation unless they are used very little, used poorly, or if you notice they are never opened.


I sincerely believe that setting certain books aside until fall can be a good idea. However, I also think that a reading corner must continue to be present throughout the summer.


The reading corner can be completely transformed during summer months. Here's how:

  • Hang fabric flowers from the ceiling along with airy fabric such as tulle.
  • Remove warm rugs and replace them with small cushions.
  • Arrange books in small baskets.
  • Creating an outdoor reading corner may attract children who normally show little interest in books.
  • Offer books related to summer (water, travel, rocks, trees, gardening, etc.).

Keep in mind that a book that children really enjoy should never be removed or hidden. Unpopular books are the ones that need a vacation.


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