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Exercising with books

Using books to exercise may seem strange, but books of all sizes can be used to organize various games and even an obstacle course.


Be careful! Remind children that even if you are using books for certain games, they represent special tools and they must be careful not to break their pages or cover pages.


Here are a few silly ideas:

  • Try to balance a book on your head.
  • With a partner, transport an object on a book.
  • Transport an object on a book individually.
  • Try to carry a book using as few fingers as possible.
  • Compare the weight and sizes of different books.
  • Use books to push/move feathers.
  • Use books to create "wind" for a friend, like a fan.
  • Perform a variety of aerobic moves while holding a book in your hands (lift it up, touch the floor, turn from side to side, etc.).
  • Carry a box full of books.

The main goal is to have fun while respecting the books' unique features.


I hope these ideas will have inspired you to get moving with books!

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