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What to do with used books?

First of all, books should never make their way to a garbage can!


Books with a damaged cover page:

  • If a cover page cannot be repaired, make your own! Use heavy cardboard, write the title in big letters, and have children decorate the cover page as they wish (paint, stickers, pictures from magazines, photographs, etc.). Laminate the cover page and your book will be ready to be enjoyed for a very long time.
  • Become a bookbinder, a book repairperson...

Books containing several torn pages:

  • Call upon children's imagination when reading these books and have them invent the missing portions of the story. The story will change every time!

Here are a few ways you can use illustrations and pages that have been torn out of books:

  • Glue the illustrations on the lids of frozen juice cans and set them on a table in front of your group. Children will look at them and trade illustrations (verbal communication). They will invent stories too. If you wish, you can stick a small magnet behind each lid and use them on a magnetic board or cookie sheet.
  • Use the illustrations to create original picture books.
  • Mix and match illustrations to create new stories and books (Dora meets Cinderella).
  • Laminate illustrations and use them as posters to decorate your daycare.
  • Collect illustrations that represent various places (desert, mountain, beach, city, etc.), laminate them, and use figurines to create stories.
  • Use illustrations to decorate surprise boxes.
  • Use illustrations for various crafts.
  • Cut characters out of illustrations and use them to make finger puppets.

Damaged or older books can also easily be taken outside. Children will love to look at the pictures in a quiet area of your yard and you won't have to worry about keeping the books in good condition...


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