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Halloween reading corner

Here are a few tricks to give new life to old books and create a "monster" atmosphere in your reading corner during the weeks leading up to Halloween.

  • Decorate old Halloween books. Simply purchase glittery paint or fluorescent paint and use it to paint the outline of the book's characters or to paint over a specific element on each page (moon, haunted house, ghost, etc.).
  • Remove pages from damaged books and hang them from the ceiling to decorate your reading corner or use them to create an original mobile. If you wish, you can also enlarge the illustrations.
  • Move your reading corner inside a large cardboard box decorated to look like a haunted house or under a table with a dark blanket draped over it. Provide flashlights children can use to look at the pages of your books.
  • Arrange a couple books in a large pumpkin by setting them on top of a towel or a piece of fabric.
  • Hang orange lights or place battery-operated tea light candles in small pumpkins.
  • Encourage older children to invent spooky stories.
  • Wear a witch costume when you read to your group.
  • Use Halloween word flashcards to invent stories with your group.
  • Give each child a candy piece or pumpkin cookie they can enjoy during story time.

Happy Halloween!

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