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Reading tips and tricks


Before reading a story:


It is important that you explain the rules you want your group to follow (silence, listen, avoid disturbing others, etc.).


Explain what is going to happen.


Choose a book that is adapted to your group's interests, age, or the theme you are currently exploring.


Prepare ahead of time. Taking the time to read the book before reading it to your group is preferable.


Pay close attention to the setup of your reading corner. This area must be comfortable. It should not contain distracting objects. Adequate lighting is essential.


Have children sit in a half-circle in front of you.


While reading a story:


Take your time!


Use facial expressions and have fun reading to your group!


Hold the book next to you so you are able to read and children are able to admire the illustrations.


Choose large books when reading to a group and smaller books when you are reading to a single child.


If there are many children in your group, sit on a chair so that they can all see the book.


After the story:


Change or rotate the books offered in your reading corner regularly.


Fill a bin with books and make it available to the children in your group during transition periods (change the contents of the bin often, but keep children's favorites).


Answer any questions children may have and encourage them to discuss the story.


Let children manipulate the book.


Read it over and over again...

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