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In need of a resolution for the New Year?

Offer imagination!


Are you searching for something new to offer your group this year? I have the perfect solution.


As educators, when we organize an activity, our goal is for children to have fun, learn and develop their creativity. We also like to offer new experiences in a respectful environment. Reading books fulfills all these requirements and then some!


Arranging books in a reading corner is not sufficient (although it is a good start). As educators, we must create moments that call upon children's imagination. Becoming Cinderella, a monster, or an elf is fun for children of all ages. We must provide children with the opportunity to act out stories.


All books have the power to tap in to children's imagination. For example, a book about airplanes can lead children to dream about becoming pilots, to pretend they are airplanes, or make them want to paint an airplane.

Books are so much more than just the words that appear on the pages. Books are an endless repertoire of ideas.

Start the year off right and read a book to your group!


Here is a simple way to spark their imagination:


Use a small suitcase or bag (dollar store). Add a book and several items related to the story. Children will enjoy recreating the story or using the objects to invent or reproduce various situations. This suitcase or bag can be filled with a different book and new objects each day. Ideally, have several bags/suitcases on hand; they will most likely be very popular!


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