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Writing a story for little ones

Here are four simple techniques that can be used to write a story for the children in your group.


Technique 1 (automatic writing)

  • Without thinking, simply write unrelated words down spontaneously (10 minutes).
  • Read the words you wrote and circle the ones you prefer.
  • Connect the words with subjects, characters, and a décor. There is no need for logic, simply write down whatever goes through your mind.
  • Assemble the sentences in a logical and concise order to create a story.

Technique 2 (using a picture as a starting point)

  • Use a mental picture or an actual printed picture of a particular situation as inspiration.
  • Imagine your story. What happened before, during, and after the picture?

Technique 3 (personalize an object)

  • Find an object that you like.
  • See the object through your friends' eyes, your travel experiences, your adventures, your personality traits, your life experiences, etc. Imagine yourself as the object.

Technique 4 (think about someone you know)

  • Writing about a child you know is easy. His daily life, his friends, his favorite object or pet, and his past are all interesting elements that can help you build a story. If the child is old enough, invite him to participate in the writing of your story. He can help you choose a particular situation or imagine different ways to solve problems or to get out of dangerous situations.

Above all, enjoy inventing your story!

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