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How to make a chalkboard

Make your own inexpensive chalkboard. You can easily find chalkboard paint at your local hardware store. It is available in black, blue, and green.


This product is especially interesting since it makes it possible to create a made-to-measure chalkboard. You can make your chalkboard as big or as small as you wish. Furthermore, with a little creativity, you can make a personalized chalkboard with a unique shape (read on for suggestions).


I used chalkboard aerosol spray paint, but chalkboard paint can also be purchased by the gallon and applied with a paintbrush. I chose to apply it to a dog-shaped cutting board to create an individual chalkboard.


Here are a few suggestions that may inspire ideas adapted to your daycare:

  • A wall: Make a very large chalkboard by painting a wall in your daycare or in a hallway with chalkboard paint.
  • Stencils on a wall: The use of various shapes can be interesting. Using stencils, paint flowers, circles, or other shapes with chalkboard paint.
  • A table: Coat the top of a small wooden table with chalkboard paint. Children will love drawing on this very special table.
  • Removable chalkboard: Simply paint a cutting board or piece of wood that can be stored under a bed.
  • Outdoors: Paint a wall in a wooden playhouse with chalkboard paint.

A few tips:

  • Sand and clean the surface to be painted and let it dry completely before applying the chalkboard paint. This will guarantee that the end result will be smooth.
  • Chalkboard paint has a strong scent. I suggest you use it on a day when children are not present or outdoors. At the very least, open windows.
  • I was satisfied with the aerosol chalkboard spray paint. However, two coats of paint were needed. Applying thin coats of paint avoids dripping. Keep in mind that if the paint drips, your chalkboard will not be smooth, even if drips are promptly wiped clean.
  • Read the instructions on the paint container before starting!


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