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Creating storybooks and picture books

Here is a simple way to recycle old posters and create giant books for your group.

  • Cut out the main items illustrated on each poster (scenery, character, accessories, etc.). With older children, simply let them cut out the items they like most. Remember, the goal is to create extra big books.
  • Fold large pieces of poster board in two. Glue the cut items on the pages of your books. Assemble them using metallic rings or colourful ribbon.
  • If you wish, you can prepare a book ahead of time and use it to introduce a particular theme or for a relaxing activity in your reading corner. It can also be used as a model for the creation of other books.
  • Set the books created by your group on a table for everyone to admire.

Children will automatically be attracted to these oversized books. Do not hesitate to ask little ones to help you turn the pages. You can even pretend to need their help to hold them up or to carry them around since they are so big and heavy! They will love to lend a helping hand!


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