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Storytime dice

This idea is great for a group that includes children of different ages.


First step: Prepare your dice.
You will need at least six empty 2-litre milk or juice cartons. Cut them and keep only the bottom of each one. Insert the bottom of one carton in another one to create a die. Repeat with the other cartons to create two more dice. Wrap the dice with paper or paint them.


Second step: Finding illustrations
For your first die, find six character illustrations (ogre, princess, king, fairy, witch, cat, bear, etc.). You may also use characters children are familiar with (Dora, Shrek, Cinderella, Mickey Mouse, etc.). Glue each illustration on one side of your die.


Find six illustrations of different settings (house, forest, zoo, playground, school, etc.). Glue them on each side of your second die.


Find six illustrations that represent different emotions (sad, happy, excited, angry, shy, etc.). Glue them on your third die.


You will end up with three illustrated dice. If you wish, you could add a fourth die created with illustrations of different actions (run, walk, jump, sing, fall, etc.).


Encourage children to take turns rolling the dice and creating a story to accompany the illustrations. They will love using their imagination!


Here is an example: Once upon a time (roll character die), a beaver lived in a (roll setting die) school. This beaver was (roll emotions die) surprised to see an (roll character die) ogre in the arts & crafts corner!


Children will have so much fun; they will want to create an endless story!


Visit the educatall club for a wide range of printable illustrations and pictures.

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