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The Book of Seasons

This week, I suggest a group project that can be added to as the seasons change.


Take advantage of rainy days to begin your very own Book of Seasons.


With your group, decide how you are going to organize your book. Will you use white paper or colourful paper? Will you use a scrapbook format, a picture book format, or another original format? Who will be in charge of your book's cover page? Who will be responsible for the glue, for collecting pictures, etc.? As a group, collect items related to the current season. As the seasons change, continue to add to your book. After just a few months, you will have a book filled with memories, information...and smiles!


Take pictures of your group as they play in rain puddles or holding umbrellas on a rainy day. These pictures will represent an excellent starting point for your Book of Seasons.


Here are a few suggestions for each season:




  • Budding trees
  • Melting snow
  • First flowers
  • Easter
  • The return of migratory birds
  • Ducks
  • Pictures


  • Trees and flowers
  • Summer toys
  • Swimming pool
  • Clothing
  • Vacations
  • Water games
  • Pictures


  • Leaves changing color
  • Autumn crafts
  • Parts of a tree
  • Word flashcards
  • Clothing
  • Seasonal activities (raking leaves, picking apples, etc.)
  • Halloween
  • Costumes
  • Harvest time (squash, vegetables, etc.)
  • Migratory birds going South


  • White
  • Snow
  • Outdoor games
  • Clothing
  • Cold
  • Winter crafts
  • Christmas
  • Pine trees, Christmas trees
  • Christmas vacation
  • Gifts

Once your Book of Seasons is complete, present your masterpiece to the parents of the children in your group.


Have fun creating your Book of Seasons!


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