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Summer is here...reading opportunities are flourishing!

However, your reading corner and storytelling habits mustn't disappear!


All you need to do is adapt to the fact that you are spending more time outdoors.


Here is a list of my tricks for making sure that books are included in your outdoor activities:

  • Set up a small, relaxing reading corner (hammock, small chairs, cushions).
  • Find a shady area for prolonged reading periods.
  • Bring children's favorite books outside.
  • Offer summer-themed books (insects, flowers, vegetable garden).
  • Visit the library (make sure each child has a library card).
  • Be a good role model for children. Make sure they see you reading or hear you talking about books you enjoy.
  • Read to your group while they are eating their snack.
  • Offer lots of variety.
  • Invite children to "read" to you.
  • Organize a "reading lunch".
  • Arrange books in a pretty suitcase that will be easy to bring inside at the end of the day.
  • Set recipe books in your outdoor playhouse.

I hope this has convinced you that books can be taken outside!


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