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Travel to the land of imagination

Nothing tops preparing children to enjoy a unique adventure filled with surprises!


This time around, I encourage you to travel to a nearby playground.

  • Have children fill a small suitcase with their favorite book, a stuffed animal, and an object that is dear to them.
  • Don't forget sunblock for everyone.
  • Take along an ice-cold drink or frozen juice boxes and a snack.
  • Make sure each child has a sun hat and a beach towel.

Pretend to verify each child's passport (can be a craft done ahead of time) before leaving for the playground or, if you wish, you can travel as far as a special corner of your yard.


At last, you are ready to travel to the land of imagination! To do so, all you need is a great storybook that will encourage children to let their minds wander. Try to find a storybook that will captivate the children in your group!




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