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Summer reading... a simple pleasure under the sun

This week, I would like to offer ideas that will help you make outdoor reading extra special for your group.

  1. Fill a small bin or basket with books and take it outside. Select books about a specific summertime subject (flowers, insects, rocks, trees, sand, etc.) and change the contents of your bin or basket regularly.
  2. Read a story to your group under a large tree in your yard.
  3. Bring a book to the playground, find a spot in the shade, and read to your group.
  4. Every day, go for a walk in your neighbourhood and stop in a different spot to read to your group.
  5. Collect pictures of lawn mowers, tractors, gardeners, flowers, or people taking part in outdoor activities. Laminate them and join them together with a binder ring. Hang them from a chair in your yard.
  6. Collect catalogues filled with pictures of summer-related items (outdoor furniture, pool accessories, outdoor toys, etc.) and leave them on a table in your yard. Children will enjoy turning the pages to admire the pictures.
  7. Take pictures of the children in your group playing in the yard. Print the pictures and organize them in a pretty photo album. Children will love to admire their original picture book.
  8. Organize an outdoor snack time and read to your group as they munch away!

Have fun reading outside!

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