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What to do when children aren't attracted to books

Certain children really don't like books. However, I prefer to think that it's just that we haven't yet found the right book.


I would even go as far as saying that we, as adults, haven't found the magical document that will spark an interest in books. One thing is for sure, children may prefer certain types of literary resources.

Here are a few tricks you can try:

  • Make several different types of literary resources available for the children in your group (magazines, catalogues, picture books, specialized magazines, newspapers, flyers, etc.). Take the time to look at a variety of literary resources with children and observe their reaction to see what they are attracted to, what they clearly dislike, and what makes them smile.
  • Be sure to have a planned reading period within your daily schedule. Keep in mind that this period can be quite festive!
  • Invite children to help you create a special reading corner within your daycare. Give children who are less interested in books specific responsibilities that involve books.
  • Deposit different types of books here and there within your daycare and watch children to understand what it is that attracts them to different types of books.

These simple tricks may be enough to help children learn to enjoy books!

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