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Urgent! Let's take time to read with children!

This is a warning! In general, we don't spend enough time reading to children!


Make taking time to breathe, share enjoyable moments, and relax with children a priority in spite of your fast-paced schedule.


Sitting down with a book is the ideal way to escape, lose track of time, discover new things, and relax with children.


It's a proven fact that books are excellent for enriching children's vocabulary, expanding their knowledge, and increasing language awareness. However, to fully benefit from the experience, you must first have built a relationship based on trust with the children in your group.


Once this is done, children will appreciate cuddling with you, one on one. Your scent will make them feel safe and, for an instant, everything will seem to come to a stop. Your gentle voice, eye contact, and smiles will fill the room and make everything else seem unimportant.


So what are you waiting for? Temporarily stop time and read to a child or to your group!


A few tricks that encourage reading:

  • Deposit books here and there, even in your bathroom and in your yard!
  • Set an example and talk about the books, magazines, and newspapers that you enjoy reading with children.
  • Make visiting your local library a special event (go to the restaurant before visiting the library for example). Share your findings with other family members and friends.
  • Create your own ritual (music, pyjamas, stuffed animal, etc.).


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