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How to immortalize reading memories

Sometimes, we need a simple idea, so simple that it makes us wonder if it can work, but if we don't try, we'll never know...


Here is a very simple way to attract children to your reading corner: immortalize fond reading memories. To begin, photograph children when they are reading or manipulating books in your daycare setting. Be sure to take pictures of children reading individually, with a partner, as a group, outside, and in different corners of your daycare. You may also photograph children at your local library if you have the opportunity to visit it as a group.


What to do with the pictures
The pictures can be displayed in your reading corner and/or throughout your daycare. Doing so will create incentives and may spark an interest in books.


What's next
Once children have developed a love of books, the pictures can be laminated or arranged in a photo album, a box, or a special bag. Looking at them from time to time with the children in your group will lead to interesting discussions filled with fond memories surrounding favorite books, stories, and reading experiences.

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