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A story in a house

This week, I would like to suggest an original way to use a simple craft to present a story to your group.


A story in a house


First step: You will need two large pieces of cardboard (a refrigerator or oven box for example). Draw a simple house shape on the first piece of cardboard. Draw an identical house on the second piece of cardboard.


Second step: On the first house, cut doors and windows that open from left to right, right to left, top to bottom, and bottom to top. Use an X-Acto knife for precise cutting.


Third step: Deposit the first house on top of the second house. Trace the outline of each opening you cut in the first house onto the second house. This will help you stick illustrations in the right spots.


Fourth step: Decide what type of story you wish to offer your group. You may choose a well-known story or you may decide to create an original story. Once you have decided, collect illustrations that represent the story's main events.


Fifth step: Cut out the illustrations and glue them on the second cardboard house, the one on which you traced the outline of each window and door.


Sixth step: Glue the first cardboard house (the one with the cut windows and doors) on top of the second cardboard house (the one on which you glued the illustrations) to create an original "book".


Children will enjoy opening and closing the windows and doors to "read" the story. Younger children will simply enjoy looking at the illustrations hiding behind the windows and doors.


This story in a house can easily be displayed on a wall, at children's eye level.


Have fun creating your story in a house!

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