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What happened when?

A game that will encourage children to speak

I would like to share a game that helps children work on:

  • Vocabulary and discussion skills
  • Observation skills
  • Memory skills
  • Recognizing sequences within a story and placing them in the correct order

A little preparation is required in order to present this activity. You must read the story at least once and photocopy the illustrations that represent its main events.


When you are ready, read the story to your group. Afterwards, encourage children to place the illustrations in the correct order. They can use the book to confirm the illustrations are in the correct order when they are confident they have it right.


Begin with a very simple and short story.


You may invite children to use the illustrations to create new stories of their own.



  • Laminate the illustrations for durable, eco-friendly use.
  • Store the book along with the corresponding illustrations in a plastic bin or container.
  • If possible, leave the plastic bins or containers out for children to explore whenever they are feeling creative.

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