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Books make great Christmas presents

Every year, we wonder what to give little ones for Christmas. Have you thought about offering a book to each child in your group?


Books comfort, reassure, and provide children with the opportunity to spend quality time with an adult. In order to find a book that is perfectly suited for a child, here are a few points to consider:

  • Observe the child to identify his/her interests (cars, animals, tractors, etc.).
  • Visit your local library, a book store, or a book fair to explore a variety of different books.
  • Ask a friend or a teacher to share the titles of his/her favorite books with you.

Once you have found the perfect book for a child, write a short message inside the cover page. This step is very important. It adds a magical touch that guarantees the book will be cherished by the child for years to come.


If you wish, you may even glue a picture of your group or a picture of you and the child inside the book's cover page. You could also add a homemade bookmark or a cute bookend.


Books represent gifts that are appreciated by all!


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