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A miniature cardboard movie


This week, I have a simple activity that is sure to impress little ones. How would you like to create a small animated book?


To begin, cut at least five sheets of white paper into equal squares.


Stack the squares and staple or glue one end to create what looks like a notepad.


Draw a simple object or character on the first page. For example, you may choose to draw a flower that is growing in a flowerpot or garden or a stick figure that is looking at the rising sun.


Repeat your original drawing over and over again, adding a new detail on each page.


The end result will be a simple comic strip.


To view your comic strip as an animated movie, firmly hold the notepad with your left hand and quickly flip the pages with your right hand. Children will love to watch this cardboard movie over and over again.


Have fun creating a variety of scenarios!


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