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Children can become the stars of a book


Here is a great idea that will literally bring adventures to life for your group!


You will need:

  • Used storybooks (that children no longer use)
  • A digital camera
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Liquid paper


The idea is simple. You must replace the faces of the books' characters with pictures of the children in your group.


For starters, plan how many pictures of each child you will need. If possible, you can ask each child to play the role of one of the characters in your books and photograph facial expressions that correspond to the different storylines.


Print the pictures and cut around the contour of children's faces. Glue them in the right spots, on top of the original characters' faces.


When you read the stories to your group, remember to replace the characters' names with the names of the children in your group.


Have fun creating and reading these new stories for the children in your group!


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