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Simple Valentine's Day activity for your reading corner

Valentine's Day is the perfect time for sharing favorite stories.


This activity is very simple, but it will also be very rewarding for you and the children in your group. Cut out several paper hearts and encourage children to share their favorite books with their friends. Write the title of each book along with the name of the child who suggested it on a heart. Display all the hearts on a pretty Valentine's Day scene or banner created by your group. If you wish, you can add pictures of children reading books too! Throughout the activity, focus on sharing, choices, and respecting others.


Display the poster or banner and invite parents to notice their child's book selection before leaving at the end of the day. Even very young children can be involved in this activity. Often, they are drawn to a specific book over and over again. Photograph very young children as they are admiring their favorite book and be sure to write their "selection" on a heart too.


If you wish, you can encourage children to bring their favorite book to daycare so they can share it with their friends before naptime.


Happy Valentine's Day!

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