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It's winter in your reading corner's cold outside during winter months! The good news: winter represents the ideal time to cuddle up in a cozy corner with a book. Here are a few ways you can make your reading corner especially attractive for little ones and help them warm up to books:

  • Purchase a roll of cotton batting and roll it out to cover the floor in your reading corner to represent snow (minus the cold). Children will love to sit on this "snow" to explore books.
  • You can also use cotton batting to cover a bench or a crate. Children can sit on or lean up against this improvised snow bank to turn the pages of their favorite books.
  • Purchase several white fleece blankets (or white fabric cut into rectangles). Deposit them here and there in your reading corner. Children will appreciate wrapping themselves in them to stay warm as they "read".
  • Hang large colourful toques on a wall, with the opening towards the ceiling. Slide a few lightweight winter-themed books in each one and change them daily. Little ones will love discovering the books that are hiding in the toques each day.
  • Hide cotton balls between the pages of your books to represent snowflakes. Children will love finding them as they turn the pages.
  • Hang tons of paper snowflakes from the ceiling in your area to create a magical setting.
  • Each morning, stick a few Fun Foam snowflakes on selected books using adhesive putty to identify your "books of the day". Encourage children to choose among these books. This will help children discover books they normally may not be attracted to.
  • Exceptionally, offer each child a small cup of hot chocolate they can enjoy during your reading period for a simple way to make them "devour" books!

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