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Say hello to Mélanie Watt

I would like to share my most recent discovery, the latest characters to literally enchant my children with you. I must warn you that if you share this author's books with your children or group, they may very well become totally addicted to them!


Presentation of the author
Mélanie Watt's first picture book was Leon the Chameleon. Right from the start, Mélanie was hooked on writing books for children and it seems she just can't stop creating and developing lovable characters. Personally, I am very fond of Chester and Scaredy Squirrel. From the very first pages of Mélanie Watt's picture books, we fall in love and bond with the characters. It seems as if we instantly know and understand them. If only we could adopt them!


Mélanie Watt is great! She even writes in both English and French! Her past experiences and environment inspire her. There is a little bit of Mélanie in each character she creates.


Bursting with imagination, she illustrates her books so fabulously that each one is overflowing with realism, laughter, and emotions!

Now, rush to your local library or bookstore and invite Mélanie Watt inside your home or daycare!


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