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A daycare without windows



I am setting up my home-based daycare in the bottom part of my split-level home. Unfortunately, there are no windows in the area that I will be using for my daycare. How can I make the room seem bright and vibrant in spite of this? I am thinking of painting the walls with light blue paint. The ceiling is already painted white.


Thank you!



Hello Marie-Andrée,


Thank you for the trust you have shown by writing to me. I would like to begin by saying that due to the absence of windows, you must pay extra attention to the lighting you will be using in your daycare. You may consult this article for more information:


Beyond lighting, the walls must definitely be painted using a light color. I would recommend pastel colors or maybe even off-white or a creamy white. The ceiling should be left white. In order to make the room seem bigger, use your furniture items and equipment to create an illusion of height or width. For example, set items horizontally or on their side on the narrowest wall to create an illusion of width. On the other hand, placing items such as shelving units vertically will create an illusion of height. In my next article, I will share different tricks that can be used to make a playroom seem bigger.


Finally, if possible, use light furniture items to minimize visual overcrowding and try not to leave too many toys and items out in plain sight. Use storage units with doors instead of shelves.


Good luck in setting up your daycare!

Annick Dufresne
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